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24 Benefits of Mentoring Relationships

CLA Outcomes Mentoring Network

By Tami Heim

This week, Christian Leadership Alliance announced the launch of The Outcomes Mentoring Network. As we witness the intensity of the events happening around the world, we recognize  these times call for Christian leaders equipped for kingdom excellence. We must prepare the next generation to lead and we believe that a mentoring relationship can be the most impactful and transformational experience a leader encounters. The benefits for the mentor and the mentee are profound and life changing.

For the mentor, benefits include:

  • the privilege to generously give something back to the Christian leadership community
  • the opportunity to pass on your expertise to someone who will benefit from your experience
  • the chance to observe someone growing and developing based on your guidance
  • the ability to practice your managerial skills and guide your mentee through a key stage in their career
  • a way to sharpen your mentorship skillset and grow in your personal effectiveness
  • an innovative way to learn as much from your mentee as they do from you
  • a fresh perspective on your own vocation and current organizational assignment
  • renewed energy as you connect with your mentee’s fresh enthusiasm
  • a place among the CLA community of mentors and network
  • developing coaching skills (particularly in leadership development and soft skills)
  • gaining new understanding on the most effective way to work, especially with regard to how technology functions in the workplace (closing a common knowledge gap)
  • the tangible benefit of giving time to help others

For the mentee, benefits include:

  • access to someone independent, confidential and non-judgmental with the desire to listen to and help you
  • support with a wide range of skills and expertise in the eight areas: executive leadership, resource development, finance, tax & legal, board governance, marketing & communications, Internet & technology, and people management and care
  • the opportunity to have someone sort through your ideas and guide you through making important decisions
  • a voice that will challenge you so you gain confidence and sharper focus when you need it
  • someone to encourage you and give you assurance that you’re on the right path
  • a way to raise your self-awareness so you can work more effectively and efficiently within your organization
  • help in becoming better connected and gaining more access to helpful networks
  • the chance to learn from someone’s experience and ensure you don’t make those easily avoidable mistakes
  • greater productivity and competence
  • enhanced professional confidence
  • reduced job-related stress
  • better interpersonal relationships

In the next several months, CLA will be gathering the names of those who are willing to mentor and those in need of a mentor.  As names are collected, we will send you the information you need to complete your profiles. Mentoring relationships will focus on the areas that are core to the CLA experience: executive leadership, resource development, financial management, board governance, tax & legal, people management & care, marketing & communications, and Internet & technology. This experience creates a space for practical, spiritual, and core leadership skills to be addressed and developed.

During November and through December we will use our new dynamic platform, as well as interviews with our relationship managers, to ensure we are on the path of creating high-impact matches.  Then beginning in January of 2015, the six-month mentoring engagements will begin.

Visit The Outcomes Mentoring Network landing page for more information. I personally invite you to prayerfully consider being part of this extraordinary new  leadership development experience.

Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning. – Proverbs 9:9


Tami Heim is the president and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance, which is an alliance of mission focused Christians who lead in today’s high-impact Christian nonprofit ministries, churches, educational institutions, and businesses.

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