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Entrusted: He Gets Us

He Gets Us Has an Agenda There are questions at the heart of He Gets Us. How did the story of a man who taught and practiced unconditional love, peace, and kindness; who spent his life defending the poor and the marginalized; a man who even forgave his killers while they executed him unjustly —…

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Agenda or Kingdom Driven? By Steve Cummings

Agenda Driven or Kingdom Driven?   Conventional wisdom dictates that non-profit development officers have one agenda: Raise money.  Job descriptions now list so many metrics and functions that only a Galilean from Nazareth could fulfill this role.  We have made “ministry in the name of Jesus” a corporate business and structured our non-profits like Fortune…

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A Post-Election Agenda By Scott Rodin

A Post-Election Agenda for Steward Leaders By Scott Rodin ~ This is one of the hardest blogs I have ever written. Today is Sunday, November 6th and you will be reading this on Wednesday, November 9th. I have no way of knowing what you will be feeling as you ponder the election results. Your candidate…

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