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Fight the Fretting Fad By Jon Lewis

The Truth About Fretting Few things undermine a leader’s effectiveness more than FRETTING! Yet the state of being bothered, worried, or anxious seems to increase as we are bombarded increasingly with news and personal situations that directly impact our moral sensibilities. Not only has there been an escalation of incredibly troubling world events, but it…

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Living and Leading in an Age of Anxiety By Scott Rodin

Learn to Resist the Anxiety the World Provides Mark Sayer’s new book, A Non-Anxious Presence, How a Changing and Complex World Will Create a Remnant of Renewed Christian Leaders, suggests that anxiety is the dominant theme in our world and our leadership. This anxiety is generated by what he calls the ‘gray zone’ in which…

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My Bout with Anxiety by Alec Hill

Empathy for Those with Anxiety and Mental Health Issues It started with a low potassium count, and anxiety followed. The imbalance showed up on a blood test during my annual physical exam. The solution seemed simple enough – take supplements. But, for whatever reason, that didn’t work. What ensued – waking up abruptly in the…

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