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13 Ways to LIFT Your Leadership

Tension is growing around the world. More than ever God is placing Christian leaders in situations that require bold faith and the strength to stand unshaken in the midst of fierce cultural winds. Now is the time for all leaders to be steadfast in prayer, study of the Word, and deliberately invest in their leadership.…

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4 Ways to Measure Authenticity

By John C. Reynolds, Ph.D. King David of Israel was not perfect, but he was, I believe, authentic. We, in our roles as leaders today, are not perfect, but I know we each want to be authentic. The challenge of course is that not one of us can declare ourselves to be authentic; this is…

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CLA Webcast 7.31.14: Authentic or Inauthentic Leader – Which Are You?

Do you know what it means to be a truly authentic leader? Join CLA conference favorite Jan Dwyer Bang on Thursday, July 31 for an encore presentation of her highly rated presentation “Authentic/Inauthentic Leader: Which Are You?” The tools she’ll share during this webcast will help you: Discover the attributes of authenticity Assess your current…

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