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Attending to the Story of Others By Dr. Zenet Maramara

Living the Story that God Designs The Bible is where we find the story about God; in it, we also find ours. God included us in his story and His divine self-revelation through the Scripture gives us a deeper understanding of who we are in the light of his account. In the beginning, God created…

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Hearing God By Peggy Reynoso

A “rule of life” that facilitates hearing God is learning to live in constant awareness of God’s presence. By Peggy Reynoso ~ Jesus, Emmanuel — “God with us” — did not leave us to live our lives alone. He sent us his Spirit so that we might live our lives with him. Brother Lawrence called…

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Are You Listening? By Dr. Henry Cloud

“You won’t believe what happened today,” a leadership conference attendee said at the dinner gathering. “What?” I asked. “After your talk today about trust being built through connecting with another person’s reality, I had a breakthrough,” he said. “Really? What happened?” I asked. “Well, for the last year, I have been stuck in a logjam…

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