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The Importance of Modeling By Alex McElroy

 Modeling –  What You See and What You Do In his book, Urban Apologetics, Christopher Brooks recounts the following story on the importance of modeling. On May 6, 1954, on the Iffley Road Track in Oxford, England, Bannister did what was previously assumed to be impossible, and, by physiologists of his era, even dangerous. He…

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Leading Nonprofit Board Members By Tom Okarma

Leading Nonprofit Board Members – It  Is Not Always Easy Sooner or later, every nonprofit leader has a problem with a board member. How this issue is dealt with separates the successful leaders from the rest of the pack. You may find certain nonprofit board members are causing unnecessary problems. Yet, you want to maintain peace…

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4 Metrics for Ministry in the Workplace by Jeff Jones

By Jeff Jones Maybe you have heard a colleague say something like:  “This isn’t the place for my spiritual growth; that’s for my church life.” While I understand this argument, I believe it is shortsighted. The ministry workplace also has a role in spiritual development. We are called to be Christ-centered communities. Any other approach…

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