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Modeling Generosity Unlocks Financial Resources By Chris McDaniel

Rethink Your Approach to Financial Resources A common challenge for Christian leaders is to secure financial resources for ministry. I certainly experienced this when I was tasked with raising them. Frequently, ministries are looking for a magic button to push to increase giving by asking why the board does not provide more; how about more…

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How to Disciple Generous Givers By Chris McDaniel

By Chris McDaniel ~ Do you know how to disciple generous givers? What do you want for your financial supporters versus from them? These questions have been etched in my heart lately. It’s as if I cannot escape them, as though God keeps putting it right in front of me like the golden arches of…

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3 Components of Fruitful Christian Stewardship Campaigns By Dr. Gary Hoag

The goal of Christian stewardship campaigns is to rally people to participate with God in His work through prayer, service, giving, and social interaction. Done right, campaigns build interpersonal and virtual communities! Because God’s Word contains no magic formula for success, how should we lead? Research reveals that faithfulness to biblical teachings in three areas…

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