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A King’s Coin By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

A king’s coin offers us kingdom perspective. In the ancient world Caesar’s coin promised privilege, access. The image of Caesar was stamped on currency. It was his image, which gave a coin its value and weight. Caesar’s coin was an extension of his power. It fortified his empire. It secured his reach. Under Caesar’s rule,…

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Run the Distance

What if you were willing to run the distance? Growth endeavors require commitment and this resolve is essential to press though the pain of change and transformation. So it is true with your personal leadership growth. And when it comes to achieving a level of leadership excellence, well that demands a moment-by-moment commitment to run…

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Confession of a Broken Leader By Aimee Minnich

By Aimee Minnich~ It is time for the confession of a broken leader. Last week I shared a blog post about becoming an irrelevant leader and noted that impact isn’t our first priority. Even though we write about impact most of the time and tell stories of people and companies that are changing the world…

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