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Be Still By Zenet Maramara

The Gift of Being Still Be still, cease from striving, rest, relax. Prior to the Corona virus pandemic, these were luxuries we hardly afforded ourselves. We had more work than the actual hours of the day. We were so caught up in the busyness of the life, work demands, expectations, as well as self-imposed pressures.…

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Heart and Mind By Zenet Maranara

The Heart and Mind of the Steward Leader The primary consideration in discussing the heart and mind of the steward leader focuses on the person of the steward leader. It starts with the “being” of the person. Scott Rodin refers to it as the “who question” and asks “who am I and whose am I?”…

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The Day I Stopped Fundraising By Zenet Maramara

Stop Fundraising! I was a fundraiser for Asian Theological Seminary in Manila for ten years. I began that job at the time when the American-founded seminary began to nationalize its leadership and faculty after twenty years. It made sense that funding needed to be nationalized also and to start local fundraising. I had no formal…

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