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Change the Way You Communicate By Palmer Holt

  Get ready to change the way you communicate post COVID-19! It’s not always good to communicate the word “positive” and COVID-19 in the same sentence. But as a veteran professional communicator who’s worked with Christian ministries and nonprofits for decades, I’m absolutely positive COVID-19 has created the perfect storm for faith-based nonprofits, businesses, ministries…

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It’s Time to Cut Through the Noise By Pam Marmon

How to Cut Through the Noise and Communicate! In today’s busy world, it can be difficult for leaders to cut through the noise and make an emotional, profound impact on an audience. People see a near-endless stream of ads, messages, and media every day, and it tends to all blend together in a blur of…

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Improve Your Ministry's Health By Lee Ellis

Now is the time to take courage, and improve your ministry’s health! By Lee Ellis – As a church or para-church ministry, sometimes the primary focus of the organization is on financial health and sustainability because it’s so critical to future impact. However in looking deeper, a healthy leadership and team culture should really be…

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