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Whole Leaders and Thriving Ministries By Dr. Rob McKenna

How can we build up leaders- whole leaders? In order to create thriving communities of faith capable of withstanding the storms ahead for the sake of reflecting God’s love to the world around us, we must build up whole leaders. So, what is happening at the intersection of the Gospel and some really rigorous psychological…

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The Leader Development Crisis by Dr. Rob McKenna

  A Threatening Crisis – The Lack of Leader Development “What is the number one crisis threatening the future of the Church?” It was a question I asked a senior leader in a recent coaching conversation. Without hesitation he responded, “The deep-seated security of our leaders.” While we could roll past his response with only…

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Getting Composed By Rob McKenna

Getting Composed Under Pressure Six months ago I finished the book Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure. I wrote the book based on my research over the last sixteen years on the strategies that enable leaders to to maintain a sense of themselves and a connection to others during the highest pressure…

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