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Decision Making by Dr. Thomas Yeakley

Decision Making According to God’s Will Our problem is doing God’s will, not knowing God’s will!  Because God is God, He will have no trouble in communicating to us what He wants us to do.  We must be willing to do whatever He desires for us, before He will let us know His plan for…

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Decision Making as a Steward By Howard Rich

Define your leadership philosophy and it will guide your decision making as a steward.  By Howard Rich ~ While I attempt to lead as a steward within the organization God has placed me, I sometimes find it difficult to practice stewardship in my actions. To combat this, I began looking for ways to intentionally interact…

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Not Negotiable

by Rick Dunham I’m constantly amazed at how quickly those in leadership positions are willing to compromise in areas that should not be up for negotiation. A CEO willing to compromise the effectiveness of her organization by accommodating mediocrity A manager willing to compromise the team to placate a malcontent Board members willing to compromise the mission of…

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