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The Heart of Development By Griff Freyschlag

Embracing God’s Heart for Development What is the heart of development? What is our most important role as fundraisers in a ministry? We all have a budget and understand how important it is to raise the necessary amount to support the ministry’s operation so that we can serve those in need effectively, efficiently and responsibly.…

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Changing Team Culture By Lisa Cooper

Changing team culture is a long-term goal. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. By Lisa Cooper~ More than two years ago, I was promoted to lead a team. What I found was there was a lack of accountability, no established common thread of faith and unclear expectations for staff performance. I set out to change…

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Jesus: Ultimate Team Builder by Mark Siegrist

By Mark Siegrist ~ Jesus’ interactions with his team of 12 created a culture of excellence that every organization would do well to embrace. What can we learn from Jesus, the ultimate team builder? In Jesus CEO (Hachette Books, 1996), Laura Beth Jones observes that “once Jesus began his work in earnest, he wasted no…

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