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5 Ways to Focus Board Meetings By Randy Bronkema

5 Ways to Change the Focus of Your Board Meetings You can begin to change the focus your board meeting and achieve great and meaningful work by focusing on five key priorities. Mission First Every time you meet, review the mission and make this a focus. Ensure that your organization has a clear view of…

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Gratitude for Monthly Donors By Dr. Paul Virts

6 Ways to Let Your Monthly Donors Know You Value Them Do you ever notice it’s usually aggressive, “don’t-make-me-play-by-your-rules” children who usually get most of the attention in many families. While the compliant, rule-following children often recede into the background and get less attention. Parents often make concerted efforts to make sure the compliant children…

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Part II: Fundraising Staff Challenges By Derric Bakker

Overcoming Fundraising Staff Challenges This is Part II in the two part series on Fundraising Staff Challenges. If you missed Part I, it covers the current realities and challenges most nonprofits experience. Today, the focus is on solutions. Here you will find five ways nonprofit organizations can effectively address the challenges they have in their…

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