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The Effective Fundraising Newsletter By Douglas K. Shaw

Your Fundraising Newsletter is Essential to Success Newsletters are essential to fundraising strategy. They offer an opportunity to close the loop with fundraising appeals by reporting back to donors on what their generosity has accomplished. But it can be easy to lose sight of the immense fundraising impact newsletters have when you start to see…

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Developing Strategic Donor Campaigns by Douglas Shaw

By Douglas K. Shaw ~ In developing strategic donor campaigns, we need biblical stewardship principles to navigate this new world. The overarching principle is that we are, for a fact, using every channel available to us, in the most effective way. And just as every channel is unique, so is every ministry. Because we are…

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Rule 22: Think of a River Not a Well By Douglas K. Shaw

There is no well to run dry; only a river will pass you by.  You’ve heard it; I know certainly I have, more times than I can count.  It usually pops out of somebody’s mouth when the topic of the appropriate number of times to mail fundraising appeals is on the table.  It usually slips through…

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