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A SERMON TO PREPARE FOR COMING AND MOVING ON It surprises many people who know me now that I preached itinerantly for thirty years — often a couple of original sermons each week. Preparing and sharing with groups, small and large, became like breathing.  Inhale:   Exhale: Respiration like this was and is holy work. ADVENT…

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The Truth Inside the Johari Window By Dr. Mark L. Vincent

Can your successor design a Johari window? Family and colleagues know me to be a Johari window guy. When groups are stuck, quite often there are a couple of dynamics at cross-purposes. The Johari window is an easy tool to map out those dynamics and transform the conversation with deeper insight and a breakthrough. The…

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The Spiritual Insights of Benjamin By Dr. Mark L. Vincent

Learning from the Spiritual Insights of Benjamin My spiritual journey during a COVID pandemic has been to read through the Apocrypha and, more recently, the Pseudepigrapha. Digging more deeply into the literature surrounding the time of Christ’s Advent and the couple of centuries that followed where devout Hebrews and followers of the Way (increasingly called…

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