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Theology of Engagement By Dr. Zenet Maramara

A Steward’s Engagement With the World The transformational role of the steward leader—in the church, ministries, and the marketplace—requires an understanding of the theology of engagement or the theology of public life as Charles Matthews calls it (Theology of Public Life. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2007). It is not just limited to direct political…

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Influence and Engagement By Lee Ellis

Solutions to Influence and Engagement As a church or nonprofit leader, you’re pressured to find solutions and get results as you head into the last quarter of the year. Regardless of your internal or external goals, the tool that we must use in the process is gaining and using influence with others. This skill seems…

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Facing Today's 800 Pound Gorilla by Marc Stein

By Marc Stein ~ The trend is unmistakable. The American Church is waning and few among us are even talking about it. It’s our 800 pound gorilla. This isn’t just another “millennial issue.” It’s symptomatic of a much larger concern; our problem is systemic. You probably don’t need to see the statistics to know the…

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