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Accountability and Generosity By Dr. Gary G. Hoag

Accountability is essential to inspire generosity. To encourage greater generosity to your ministry, I want to encourage you to champion accountability. The connection between accountability and generosity can be traced back to the biblical pattern set by the Apostle Paul in his international orchestration of the Jerusalem collection from A.D. 53-58. In his correspondence, we…

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Financial Stewardship By Dr. Sid Yeomans

Why should Christ-Centered leaders care about financial stewardship? I’m a stewardship nut. It’s God’s call on my life. 40 years ago as a kid growing up on a farm in Iowa I purchased, raised, and sold cattle, budgeted my earnings, and found joy in the impact of generosity.  Then I went on to serve in…

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Steward Leaders Enable Others to Claim Their Birthright by Barbara Shantz

 By Barbara Shantz The Oxford online dictionary describes a birthright as “a particular right of possession or privilege one has from birth, especially as an eldest child.” Bible commentaries generally concur that a father’s eldest son in those days was recognized as the natural owner of a birthright. They note, too, that birthright carried with…

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