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5 Ways to Grow Godly Givers & Giving By Brian Kluth

For a car to run well, all the pistons must be firing properly. For a church or ministry’s finances to run well, all the “generosity” pistons must be firing as the church moves forward down the road.  To develop a generosity culture, it is important to understand these five spiritual and practical pistons needed to…

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What We Need Every Day By Doug Thorson

As Christ followers we have been rescued from living a selfish and aimless life of sin and been reconciled to God as Father for the enjoyment of His great love and Kingdom purposes.  This rescue came through the death of Christ, on the cross, for our sins that we might no longer live for ourselves…

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Can We Be Honest? By Rebecca Hays

Sometimes asking a question out loud allows us to reflect upon the answer genuinely. We’ve heard, God is our Provider.  We may even say it to others, but do we live and work like we truly believe it? How often do we pray in a board meeting and immediately turn our focus to the budget,…

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