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Decision Making by Dr. Thomas Yeakley

Decision Making According to God’s Will Our problem is doing God’s will, not knowing God’s will!  Because God is God, He will have no trouble in communicating to us what He wants us to do.  We must be willing to do whatever He desires for us, before He will let us know His plan for…

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Every Matter

How do we ever fully comprehend a creator who has perfectly appointed a time for every matter under heaven? As this new year begins, let’s greet it with an eager expectation and confidence. Praise to the God who completes what he starts, makes all things possible, and remains faithful in every matter under heaven! For…

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The Pursuit of God's Will

By Dr. R.Scott Rodin The single most important work we do as steward leaders is to seek to know God’s will and pursue it with obedience and excellence. If you agree, let me ask you how many times you have thought or said out loud, ‘If only we knew for certain what God wanted us…

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