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The Heart of a Leader By Cynthia Berry

The Heart of a Leader Following Jesus It is profound to surmise the current condition of the heart. If the heart, according to Matthew 15:18-20 emphasizes that good and evil are stored there, then in likeness to the physical chambers of the heart, spiritual chambers such as, love, hate; joy, sorrow; generosity and greed also…

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Heart Health By Mark L. Vincent

Steward Leader Heart Health I am a big fan of the Schumpeter column in The Economist. Several years back, the 2 August 2014 column, Decluttering the Company hit a nerve for me….hard. Two brief quotes from the article made the point, quoting Peter Drucker, “Much of what we call management consists of making it difficult…

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The Complaining Heart

“Complaining is a cry against God; lamenting is a cry for God. Complaining is self-centered; lamenting is God centered. To complain is to cry against God’s providence; to lament is to cry over God’s providence. Therefore, complaining is always a sin, while lamenting is not.” —Tullian Tchividjian  “The whole congregation of the children of Israel…

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