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The Right Compensation By Bruce Dingman

The Right Compensation for Hiring the Best Talent Having a well thought through compensation plan can make a tremendous difference in staff morale, how employees think leadership values them, if they are being treated fairly, and employee engagement.  Not only is compensation important in employee retention, it also has a big effect on attracting good…

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CNLA: Equipping Nonprofit Leaders

Christian Nonprofit Leadership Academy 2015 Christian Leadership Alliance presents the Christian Nonprofit Leadership Academy (CNLA) as one of the many leadership training experiences offered at The Outcomes Conference: CLA Dallas 2015. CNLA is an extensive academic experience for equipping nonprofit leaders. This year,  CLA offers 8 class options that last 12.5-hours each over a 2-day…

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Turbo-Powered Finance

By Mark Tjernagel “Wow! I am not used to that kind of acceleration and power … ,” I muttered to myself in my empty rental car on a recent business trip. My “sports car” rental provided a much different driving experience than my four-cylinder economy car back home. Normally, when I step on the gas…

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