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Leadership in the Gospel of Mark By Ed Fry

Six Executive Leadership Principles in the Gospel of Mark Faith-based organizations, because of the gospel, are called to stand out. They are to be different than the other organizations in their industry. Leaders of those faith-based organizations should also live differently, by Christ rather than the world, and part of that is accessing and understanding…

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Leadership Principles Found In Matthew By Ed Fry

6 Executive Leadership Principles from the Gospel of Matthew In the Gospel of Matthew, we find leadership so radically different from how the religious leaders of the day lived their lives. Jesus revolutionized what it means to be a leader, and it astounded the people around him. And it drew many to him. The way…

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CLA Webcast 3.27.14: Building a Healthy High-Performing Executive Team

Did you know an organization is only as healthy as its people? Join us for “How to build a Healthy, High-Performing Executive Team” led by Founder Bill Frisby and Senior Partner David Rippey of Strengthening Leaders L3C. Tune in March 27 to discover: How to recruit the right leaders and develop a shared vision How…

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