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The Story that Connects by Jamie Janosz and Pete Distler

Telling the Old, Old Story in a Digital World Today, you have an important story to tell. Yet, when confronted with media clutter and useless digital meandering on mobile devices, you may ask, “How can our story, God’s story, connect with those who need to hear it most?” While some fundraisers and marketers are tasked…

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5 Rules of Engagement for Ministry Marketing By Shannon Litton

Mission-minded ministry leaders often overlook (or choose to set aside) the critical job of building a sustainable and effective brand. Ministries must not underestimate brand management’s vital role in engaging and sustaining relationships with those who make their work possible. Your audience today requires authenticity. The shiny, perfectly packaged messages of yesterday are no longer…

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5 Stories Every Fundraiser Must Learn to Tell By Ron Frey

Every fundraiser knows that a compelling story told extremely well is what makes your cause real to people. Stories help us influence donors to express their love for God and others through generosity. Yet how do you tell the same story repeatedly without evoking a yawn from your donors? A child is fed and clothed.…

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