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Your Team Isn’t Listening to You By Pam Marmon

5 Reasons Your Team Members Aren’t Listening to Your Ideas We can learn a lot about listening from God’s Word. In the Bible parable of the sower, Jesus describes a hardworking farmer who sows seeds in the land. Some seeds fall on fertile soil, while others fall in thorny land on the side of the…

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It’s Time to Cut Through the Noise By Pam Marmon

How to Cut Through the Noise and Communicate! In today’s busy world, it can be difficult for leaders to cut through the noise and make an emotional, profound impact on an audience. People see a near-endless stream of ads, messages, and media every day, and it tends to all blend together in a blur of…

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Organizational Change By Pam Marmon

8 Rules to Transform How You Think About Organizational Change If you’re leading a disruptive organizational change—a church-wide reorganization, for example—you’re probably feeling the pressure. Both in leadership and elsewhere in life, we’re taught to associate change with pain and discomfort. It’s no surprise then that many people fear transformation and assume the mindset that…

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