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Measuring COVID-19 Impact By Mark Mangin

Measuring the Impact of COVID-19 on Fundraising Programs COVID-19 has affected all of us profoundly. It changed the way we serve the public, interact with coworkers, and even the way we fundraise. So, as we seek to learn from the data, how do we measure the impact of COVID-19 on our fundraising programs? Here is…

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Competencies to Measure Authentic Leaders By Dr. John C. Reynolds

4 Critical Competencies Used to Measure Authentic Leaders Generally, authors in the leadership literature simply recognize an authentic leader through the leader’s intentional process of positive actions that encourage transparent and open decision-making. The authors Goffee and Jones in their book, Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?   pen my favorite definition. Goffee and…

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Eternity-Oriented Metrics

Steward leaders use eternity-oriented metrics to measure the effectiveness of faithfulness-focused strategies. They tend to be more qualitative than quantitative. For example, Jesus called twelve disciples and instructed them to make disciples. He defined that not with quantifiable evangelistic goals (such as number of souls saved), but with the qualitative imperative that they team people…

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