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From Whom Should I Learn? By Dr. Bob Snyder

Are you prepared to learn? What I learn is influenced by where I turn for answers and to whom I listen. The WHO is often as important as the WHAT in learning. My willingness to be open and teachable determines the path of my life journey. Early in my teenage years my mother and father…

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Lessons for Leaders: The Golden Rule by Wayne Pederson

By Wayne Pederson ~ We’ve all heard The Golden Rule, probably so many times that it loses its meaning. Basically, it’s “treat other people the way you want them to treat you.” I just realized how important that truth is for leaders. Remember how the workplace felt before you were the boss. Remember how you…

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Insights From a Mentoring Expert

Why Does mentoring matter? Katy Dickinson, founder and principal of Katy Dickinson Consulting, says mentoring programs transform not only the individuals involved but also the company itself. Over the years she has developed mentoring programs at organizations around the globe, including Sun Microsystems. She has also spearheaded the TechWomen mentoring initiative at the U.S. Department…

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