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Steward Leaders and Their Stuff by Wes Willmer

By Wes Willmer ~ Did you know that possessions are mentioned in Scripture three times more than love, seven times more than prayer, and eight times more than belief?  So what is the link between steward leaders and their stuff? Clearly it is very important to God and the manner in which the topic appears…

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The Scope of a Steward Leader by Sara Nagelvoort Marlin

By Sara Nagelvoort Marlin Last year I joined a Christian ministry for the first time in my career, having spent more than twenty years in corporate marketing environments. Among my early observations was what seemed to be the “de rigueur” concept in Christian ministry:  steward leadership. Everyone was talking about it. Makes sense, I thought,…

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Does God Care About Our Money, Giving, and Asking?

By Wesley K. Willmer, Ph.D. I was recently reviewing a job description for a resource development position at a well know faith-based nonprofit and there was no mention of the spiritual dynamic in the role. It appears that this position could apply to any sales position, so I started to ask myself why. The reality…

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