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Addressing the Under-Performing Board Member By John Pearson

    7 Reasons You Must Exit an Under-Performing Board Member There are at least seven reasons why a board must remove an under-performing Board member. Is it time to address the elephant in the room? 1. Missed Meetings If your under-performing board member misses meetings and doesn’t apologize or explain her absences—then the board…

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Nonprofit Boards in Times of Crisis By Tom Okarma

What Should Nonprofit Boards Be Doing to Help? Here are my  thoughts on what nonprofit boards should be doing to emerge out of the quarantines, lockdowns, and general isolation we’ve been facing. Even if your board is only meeting via Zoom, etc., here are a few ideas on how to begin moving forward and recapturing…

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Leading Nonprofit Board Members By Tom Okarma

Leading Nonprofit Board Members – It  Is Not Always Easy Sooner or later, every nonprofit leader has a problem with a board member. How this issue is dealt with separates the successful leaders from the rest of the pack. You may find certain nonprofit board members are causing unnecessary problems. Yet, you want to maintain peace…

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