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One Simple Question By R. Scott Rodin

A Simple Question in a Complicated Age Let me start with the simple question, “Where are you now with Christ?” Looking Back This is the final CLA blog for 2020. What can we say about it all? It would be tempting to do a retrospective of the year and try to reflect on it all,…

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Here and Now By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

Lead from the Here and Now It can be a continual challenge for a leader to remain focused on the here and now. Projecting vision and evaluating future opportunities are critical skills for effective leadership. Yet, always looking ahead can be dangerous because we can uncouple from our current reality. A reckless pursuit of something…

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This is the Day by R. Scott Rodin, Ph.D.

By R. Scott Rodin, Ph.D. ~  I am a lover of anticipation. I enjoy the days leading up to a vacation almost as much as the vacation itself. My mind and attention would rather walk the streets of tomorrow’s possibilities than trudge the steep paths of today’s realities. As a result, I must rely on the…

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