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Know How You Process Information By Mark L. Vincent

Understand how you and others process information so you can live wide-awake! I’ve found it a worthwhile pursuit to learn how people process information, how they respond, and how they use or do not use that information to grow in wisdom. Learning style insights are being applied across many disciplines, and most especially among those…

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The Three-fold Process By Mark L. Vincent

The three-fold process of becoming a steward leader. By  Mark L. Vincent ~ Today, I  am revisiting the three-fold process of becoming a steward leader that Scott Rodin identifies in his book The Steward Leader.  1. Discovery Coming to a new and deepened understanding about the nature and will of God for a person. The Steward…

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Creativity Is A Process by Brad Lomenick

By Brad Lomenick~ Ever heard of Dick Fosbury? He changed the trajectory of an entire sport with his new and creative way to high-jump, appropriately titled the “Fosbury Flop,” still in vogue today. Innovation has changed the music industry, moving from records to cassettes to CDs and now digital downloads. The iPhone and iPad changed…

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Outcomes vs. Process: Which Matters Most to God?

Christian Leadership Alliance, Executive Leadership, Stewardship

 By Dr. John R. Frank, CFRE As a consultant, many times the goal with a ministry client is to increase outcomes. In other words, raise more money, attract new donors, and increase board involvement. These are things that are good, positively impact the ministry, and produce results that propel the organization to a higher level…

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