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Christian Leadership Alliance Member Spotlight: Dunham + Company

Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member Spotlight: Dunham + Company At Dunham+Company, they understand there are a lot of moving parts that must be brought into alignment if an organization is to have an effective fundraising program that generates support that is sustainable and scalable over time. That’s why it’s imperative not to waste time…

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A Compelling Story By Ron Frey

Learn to tell a compelling story! By Ron Frey Every fundraiser knows that a compelling story told extremely well is what makes your cause real to people. Stories help us influence donors to express their love for God and others through generosity. Yet how do you tell the same story over and over without evoking…

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Can We Be Honest? By Rebecca Hays

Sometimes asking a question out loud allows us to reflect upon the answer genuinely. We’ve heard, God is our Provider.  We may even say it to others, but do we live and work like we truly believe it? How often do we pray in a board meeting and immediately turn our focus to the budget,…

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