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When Going Backwards is a Good Idea By Alec Hill

In Praise of Strategic Retreats Shortly after the American Revolutionary War began, General George Washington faced a dilemma of epic proportions. He had to decide whether his 10,000 troops should stand and fight 32,000 British soldiers in New York City. If he left the battlefield, he might be viewed as a weak leader. The Continental…

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Framework for Discernment Retreats By Dr. Gary G. Hoag

Discernment Retreats to Align Your Ministry to God’s Plan We can’t plan travel or program retreats as we did in the past. This has led us as church and ministry workers to set aside our desires with fasting to discern God’s heart. We have had to rethink how we do what we do. This has…

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Board Retreats By Dr. Gary Hoag

Discover why you should consider doing less on board retreats! Earlier this year, I wrote a post on the CLA blog entitled “Discerning Direction” in which I suggested some intentional activities for ministry administrators and trustees to do on staff and/or governance retreats. Today’s post follows the trajectory of that submission and suggests two things…

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