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The Story that Connects by Jamie Janosz and Pete Distler

Telling the Old, Old Story in a Digital World Today, you have an important story to tell. Yet, when confronted with media clutter and useless digital meandering on mobile devices, you may ask, “How can our story, God’s story, connect with those who need to hear it most?” While some fundraisers and marketers are tasked…

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A Steward of God's Platform by Mark L. Vincent

By Mark L. Vincent ~ Christian leaders steeped in stewardship theology readily affirm that God owns all. Most will also readily agree that this ownership applies to all that is virtual just as much as all that is tactile. If you agree then you know that any blog/social media/website/tweets/publications or posts are God’s too. In short,…

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In A Time Such As This by Steve Douglass

By Steve Douglass I became involved full-time in Christian work in 1969. In the next several years I learned what God was doing not just through our ministry but others as well. It was good then, but it was much less than what God is doing today. Consider some amazing facts: The church in China…

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