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The Stuff and Soul Connection By Wes Willmer and Micah Hogan

There’s a Critical Connection Between Stuff and Soul Did you ever think there was a connection between the stuff in your life and your eternal soul? Have you ever wondered why the Bible has more verses on possessions than on any other topic? Have you ever wondered what it means to be faithful and obey…

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A Disquieted Soul By David Sanford

Are You a Disquieted Soul? Do you know what is stirring in your soul? It happened again this past Monday. A dedicated, successful, and hard-working Christian leader told me about the problems within the organization he leads. He listed a number of tell-tale markers as he expressed his frustrations. When he was done, I paused,…

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Soul Care By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

Soul Care and The Steward Leader On any given Monday morning I often find myself sitting at my desk reviewing my calendar, preparing a report for the board, and prioritizing all the tasks for the week. But lately, my attention is shifting. The more I define and explore leadership through the lens of a steward,…

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