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A Strong Spiritual Life By Braden Douglas

8 Qualities of a Strong Spiritual Life How do you tell the difference between right and wrong? The answer is your spiritual life, which encompasses everything you believe in and value. You don’t need to be a religious person in order to have an impact on the world, but you do need a strong moral…

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Six Steps Towards Healing for the Wounded Leader

By Gail Dudley As leaders, do you ever find yourself afraid, abused, broken, fearful or feeling hopeless and insignificant? Do you at times feel lonely or rejected? Have you been in a place where the enemy has whispered a lie into your spirit? Did you believe the lie as truth? Let’s get to the root…

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Is God in Your Plans? By Mike Bomen

Just mention “long-range planning” around a group of church leaders, and you are sure to get a variety of reactions – deep sighs, shaking heads, uncomfortable chuckles … and maybe a few eyes that light up. Planning is one of the most notable areas where churches can experience gridlock in the intersection of secular and…

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