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Agenda or Kingdom Driven? By Steve Cummings

Agenda Driven or Kingdom Driven?   Conventional wisdom dictates that non-profit development officers have one agenda: Raise money.  Job descriptions now list so many metrics and functions that only a Galilean from Nazareth could fulfill this role.  We have made “ministry in the name of Jesus” a corporate business and structured our non-profits like Fortune…

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What Are We Raising? By Steve Cummings

What are we raising, anyway? by Steve Cummings ~ I cringe every time I see or hear the word “fundraising” in Christian circles. That’s not what I do. Anyone can fund-raise, ask for money, get a donor to write a check or twist a few arms along the way to get a major gift, complete…

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Competition and Kingdom Work By Steve Cummings

There’s No Competition in God’s Kingdom Work I love radical ideas and I love living a radical life for Jesus. I live with strong convictions and a passion for seeking after God’s heart.  Even as a MGO, I am called to live radically in my kingdom position of raising resources for God’s work.  Can I…

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