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When Going Backwards is a Good Idea By Alec Hill

In Praise of Strategic Retreats Shortly after the American Revolutionary War began, General George Washington faced a dilemma of epic proportions. He had to decide whether his 10,000 troops should stand and fight 32,000 British soldiers in New York City. If he left the battlefield, he might be viewed as a weak leader. The Continental…

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Good to Great: Harnessing the Power of Diversity and Team-building

  Dr. Halee Scott The world’s oldest story is a story of leadership. The Epic of Gilgamesh, written in 18th century B.C., recounts the leadership journey of Gilgamesh from a corrupt leader to a leader who better governed his people. From the beginning, it seems that humankind has been concerned with bad leaders, good leaders,…

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Got Alignment?

 by Tom Okarma If you stop to think about it, leaders can significantly increase the impact of their nonprofit agencies without spending an extra dime. Say what? Let’s say your agency has: Experienced leadership-CHECK! A clear and compelling strategic plan-CHECK! The respect and support of the community where you operate-CHECK! A hardworking board and staff-CHECK! A cadre…

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