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Treasuring Your Trials By Lee Ellis

Treasuring Your Trials: Three Leadership Survival Steps for Challenging Times What a season we’ve had with the Coronavirus outbreak! What we have seen in the last week is shocking. Almost beyond comprehension. Incredible as it sounds, I experienced a similar shocking life change at age 24. My Vietnam POW Experience I was a combat experienced…

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Wisdom in Trials By Howard Rich

Steward Leaders Seek Wisdom in Trials James 1:1-5 is a passage rich with words about trials for those whom God has entrusted with leadership responsibilities.  As stewards operating in leadership roles, it is wise to be constantly reminded we serve one Lord and one Savior, who is King over one Kingdom. OUR NEED Acknowledging we…

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Leadership Lessons Lost By R. Scott Rodin

How would you answer these three questions: Is God leading you on a path of deepening faith and discovery in your role as a leader Do you believe He cares as much about your spiritual development as your vocational success? How does God teach you? Consider your answers and see if they don’t paint a…

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