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Work Hard and Represent God’s Truth By Ed McDowell

Have you ever made the connection between working hard and representing God’s truth?  The Apostle Paul does this with a young and upcoming leader. His name is Timothy. Let’s look at the second letter Paul writes to Timothy, specifically part of the second chapter. The readings are from the New Living Translation. Paul’s Letter to…

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3 Principles of Truth and Trust By Dan Busby

Trust is difficult to earn, easy to lose, and even more difficult to regain. It has been said, “Trust leaves on horseback and returns on foot.” If true, it is no wonder it feels like the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and Preakness Stakes have all three been running 24/7 in some high circles in the…

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Tell the Truth…And Live Like Jesus By R. Scott Rodin

Are you ready to lead in a selfless, sacrificial way? This week, I explore the five surefire ways to lose your reputation as a leader…and live like Jesus. Here’s the list: Fail to live up to other’s expectations Tell the truth Don’t defend yourself Defy success Lead by waiting for God’s timing in everything Today,…

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