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Re-Focused Generosity By Patrick Johnson

Re-Focused Generosity: Mirroring Our Father’s Heart Do you remember what generosity feels like to give a child an unexpected gift? I love recalling when I’ve been sidelined by my love for my children…a meaningful “way-past-my-bedtime” phone call with one in college or a “dad’s-gone nuts-and-mom-may-kill-him” giant sticky ice cream cone before dinner are gifts that…

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An Overflowing Generous Life by Patrick Johnson

The 3-Point Cycle of an Overflowing, Generous Life By Patrick Johnson~ Think about what an overflowing generous life might look like.  Start by thinking of the most generous person you know. In your mind’s eye picture their face. What do you see? Meet Catherine I want you to meet one of the most generous people…

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