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Stewarding Family Relationships By Zenet Maramara

The Gift of Family Relationships All of a sudden, we find ourselves thrown together and experience different family dynamics at work. In this time of the Covid 19 quarantine, we are forced to stay with each at home. Some are learning how to relate anew with spouse, children, and other relatives. I like to offer…

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Shalom Leadership By Zenet Maramara

A Steward Leader Pursues Shalom Leadership The steward leader approach is closest to shalom leadership. Bakke Graduate University describes shalom leadership where the leader pursues reconciling relationships between people, people and God, people and their environment, and people and themselves. The leader works toward the well-being, abundance, and wholeness of the community as well as…

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Heart and Mind By Zenet Maranara

The Heart and Mind of the Steward Leader The primary consideration in discussing the heart and mind of the steward leader focuses on the person of the steward leader. It starts with the “being” of the person. Scott Rodin refers to it as the “who question” and asks “who am I and whose am I?”…

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