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Maestro-level Leaders

Creating a Future Legacy

A Peer Cohort for Third Turn Leaders

Christian Leadership Alliance has teamed up with Design Group International © to provide Alliance members with an EXCLUSIVE discounted rate to join a “Maestro-level leaders” cohort. Want to learn more and explore if this is the right next step in your leadership journey?

The First Turn

In the first turn, you learn to lead yourself. You learn about you. You determine your capacities and boundaries. You learn to lead where you are concerned.

The Second Turn

In the second turn, others have acknowledged your gifts and invite you to lead a team or  organization. You learn about the organization. You determine its capacities and boundaries. You learn to lead where others are concerned.

The Third Turn (Maestro-level)

The Maestro-level leader is entering the third turn of a journey; this is where our conversations will flow as a resource for accomplished leaders who intend to soar toward that future. This is a uniquely sculpted place. It is your opportunity to craft deeper vision out of chaos, to discover and orchestrate future value for the organization you steward, and to lead where legacy is concerned.

What to Expect

Maestro-level leaders is a cohort of companions rather than a peer advisory group. It is designed for “Third Turn” leaders who are seeking to create an individualized and contextualized journey towards their future value, succession and legacy. You’ll be on this creative journey with a cohort of companions in this same “Third Turn” stage of leadership. A group of 6 to 12 companions will travel with you through a regimented exercise of mapping, modeling and implementing strategies toward future value, succession and legacy. This will entail a mix of virtual and live interactions on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

How to Engage

Think you’re at that Third Turn in your leadership journey? Interested in joining with a cohort of companions as you chart this penultimate phase of your leadership toward your legacy, succession and future investment? Want to be a part of a Third Turn cohort that integrates Christian faith and ethics? Take this opportunity to learn more about Maestro-level leaders…

  1. Visit Design Group International© Maestro-level leaders page to learn more
  2. Sign up for the Third Turn Podcast which is part of the Maestro-level leaders The Third Turn Podcast is also now available on CLATV
  3. Learn more on the Third Turn Blog, or see posts by Mark L. Vincent on the Alliance’s Higher Thinking Blog
Your Next Steps

As a current Christian Leadership Alliance member you get a unique discounted rate to join a Maestro-level leaders group. Leaders who wish to be a part of a Maestro-level cohort are reviewed/approved by a panel of leaders also in their Third Turn.

You can register your interest in learning more about joining a Maestro-level leaders group on the Maestro-level leaders page. If you are a current Alliance member, be sure to note that so if you’re approved to join a cohort you will receive the Special Alliance member rate.

Or, contact Dr. Mark L. Vincent, Executive Advisor/Facilitator for Maestro-level leaders at or (877) 771-3330, ext. 5