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Board Influence By Kent Vanderwood

The Influence of the Board I am guessing that most of you either answer to a Board of some type, serve on a Board, or at minimum, work for an organization that has a Board. Those who sit “on” the Board may be called directors, members, trustees or governors. The bottom line is this –…

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Skin in the Game By Ron Haas

Why should nonprofit board members have skin in the game? When Warren Buffet purchases a company, he requires his new managers to purchase stock because he believes that executives with “skin in the game” make better decisions. Buffet is unknowingly expressing a biblical truth, For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.…

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The Chief Steward by Kent R. Wilson

Who is the chief steward of your organization? Your Board! By Kent R. Wilson, PhD ~ Any stewardship relationship is basically a triangle of three interdependent entities: an owner, the owner’s resources, and a steward. Stewardship occurs when the owner entrusts his resources into the leadership and oversight of the steward. When the nonprofit organization…

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