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Lonely At The Top By Dr. Kent R. Wilson

Are you feeling lonely at the top as you lead the organization? By Dr. Kent R. Wilson If you are leading an organization and feeling a bit lonely, it’s normal. The bigger question is, as a leader, whom can you turn to for trusted advice, perspective, experience, and accountability? When you have important decisions to…

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Give No More! by Wes Willmer

By Wes Willmer Imagine with me, one day you come home and start leafing through your mail – sorting the personal letters from the bills and the appeals- when your eye catches an envelope teaser that says, “Give No More.”  Intrigued, you open this appeal to find a short letter which states, “All our needs…

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24 Benefits of Mentoring Relationships

By Tami Heim This week, Christian Leadership Alliance announced the launch of The Outcomes Mentoring Network. As we witness the intensity of the events happening around the world, we recognize  these times call for Christian leaders equipped for kingdom excellence. We must prepare the next generation to lead and we believe that a mentoring relationship…

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