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7 Ways to Become a Thriving Leader in 2021

You can become a thriving leader in 2021! We encourage you to become a thriving leader by engaging in all Christian Leadership Alliance makes possible for a leader like you in 2021! RICH HISTORY The success and impact of Christian Leadership Alliance, over the past four decades, is a testimony to the many Christian men…

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The Perception of Busy By Mark L. Vincent

What is Your Perception of Busy? “You are so busy!” “Thank you for taking the time because I know you are a busy person.” “I didn’t want to bother you because you are busy.” Leaders hear these expressions ad nauseam. Being told they are busy actually adds to leader busyness because they have to take…

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Connecting on CLATV has never been easier! We are excited to announce the new and upgraded CLATV NETWORK as part of the Outcomes Conference Digital Experience 2020 launch! Creating places and spaces where leaders can sow into the life of other leaders is an important aspect of how the Christian Leadership Alliance¬† community stays on…

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