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Easy Ways to Say Thank You By Jane Jeffries

Saying Thank You to Your Donors is a Top Priority I try to write an article once a year for the local arts magazine. Sometimes, they pay for the article, but my real motivation is to score an invite to the swanky Holiday Fling that they host every year for their volunteers and donors. At…

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Tips for Good Storytelling By Jane Jeffries

5 Tips for Good Storytelling in Fundraising Good storytelling is what engages, invites, and compels a response from others. Remember when you were young, and everyone eagerly gathered around the campfire to listen to statistics?  Yeah, I don’t either. Because statistics don’t get our attention like a good story, especially in fundraising. Stories are how…

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Part I: Fundraising Staff Challenges By Derric Bakker

Key Challenges with Fundraising Staff Talented people are essential to assuring success in fundraising. Nothing tops talent. Your fundraising personnel are one of your organization’s most valuable assets. For too many nonprofits, however, critically important roles have become a revolving door. Epic Turnover A recent national survey of 250 nonprofit organizations revealed that a whopping…

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