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Empower Your Board By Tom Okarma

Effective fundraising and donor relationships are part of board service. But many agencies tend to overlook one of the most critical — and yet often most effective — tools for improving fundraising for nonprofits — the board. It’s no secret that best practices of successful nonprofit boards include fundraising. Often, board candidates are told during…

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Come and Learn: How to Make Your Message Known

Leaders have an extraordinary opportunity to be intentional about subduing the high velocity changes in media consumption. We know that media can be a source that amplifies God’s purpose through your ministry, or it can bring confusion and actually derail it. It’s a stewardship choice, and the kingdom outcomes and consequences of that choice have…

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CNLA: Equipping Nonprofit Leaders

Christian Nonprofit Leadership Academy 2015 Christian Leadership Alliance presents the Christian Nonprofit Leadership Academy (CNLA) as one of the many leadership training experiences offered at The Outcomes Conference: CLA Dallas 2015. CNLA is an extensive academic experience for equipping nonprofit leaders. This year,  CLA offers 8 class options that last 12.5-hours each over a 2-day…

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