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Outcomes Focused Fundraising By Rick Dunham

Measurable outcomes matter in ministry fundraising. There’s a line of thinking among some in Christian ministry that fundraising driven by outcomes, reflected in measuring results, is wrong. In fact, from this perspective, conducting your fundraising efforts with an eye on results is actually a reflection of an unhealthy love of money. Faithfulness to God stands…

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Giving USA 2014 Report: The State of Religious Giving

By Rick Dunham The state of philanthropy is improving, but not for religious giving. For the past five decades, Giving USA has given the philanthropic community critical longitudinal data on the trends, benchmarks and drivers to giving across the US. Throughout my career I’ve relied on it to help me understand the overall fundraising environment…

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Taking Care of Your Donors By Rick Dunham

According to a Nielsen, 92 percent of people trust recommendations from family and friends above any form of advertising. Yet when most organizations think of how to grow their support or advance their cause, the first thing they run to is marketing or some sort of public relations effort. Make no mistake, those efforts are…

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