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Springtime, You, and Outcomes Academy Online!

Transformational Learning is Happening at the Spring Outcomes Academy Online Spring is here, and it is time for you to enter a transformational learning experience. By enrolling in the Outcomes Academy Online Spring term, you will engage in a 10-week online cohort to educate, challenge, and expand your leadership capacity. If you are enrolled in…

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An Invitation to the Table By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

Leadership: An Invitation to the Table A good friend recently shared this about leadership, it is being invited to have a seat at “the table.” I have heard this metaphor before, and I like it. It resonates because it captures the necessary and essential element of connection, fellowship, and comradery which happens when folks gather…

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When Stewards Fall: Restoration

By Howard Rich When I think about the ups and downs, the successes and the failures of my life, I sometimes think of the Apostle Peter.  He was one of the inner circle, witnessed the transfiguration, professed Jesus as Christ, and walked on water with the King.  Those were some of his better moments, which…

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